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Madison Woods writes fantasy stories, leads herb walks, presents about Wild Ozark Herbs and blogs about ginseng, homesteading and living in the wilderness.


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virtual herb walks and fantasy stories virtual herb walks and fantasy stories virtual herb walks and fantasy stories
Real & “Virtual” Herb Walks.Slide-Show Presentations. Wherein I blog about the things that make me tick. Nature, Homesteading and Earthy Musings.  My Amazon author’s page where you can find my short stories.

Did you find this link through HerbNet.com or a search for AncientEarthWisdom.com?

My site was originally titled “Ancient Earth Wisdom” but it’s now combined with my new site. With time I’ll have more herbal related posts and pages. The link at HerbNet is outdated. Here’s my new information regarding herb walks:  http://www.wildozark.com/herb-walks-presentations-in-northwest-arkansas/. We live so far off the beaten path that it’s easier for me to organize walks at the local trails and parks. There are many good sites in this area for such activities.

Fantasy Stories – set in the Ozarks

Here’s what one reviewer said about “Ozark Pixies”:

“This story moves fast, so you can’t miss a single beat. On par with the most classic of fairy legends, it brings a feel of the old country to the new. The author gives the perfect juxtaposition of tempting allure and heart-racing fear, something I believe all good fairy stories should have. If you love the little people and you love twists and turns even more, you will love this little gem of a tale.” – AK Francis

Madison also writes articles about the plants and land she loves. Check out the Cornerstone posts for the best of these articles, offered to you completely free.The Ozarks are rich with imagery and real-life experience where the balance of nature is still in effect, where predator and prey still dance the dance of life and death.

You can contact her using the “Contact” form in the menu above or email madison (@) wildozark.com.

If you’d like to find your plant and nature allies, perhaps spending some time on the trails in the woods on an herb walk or two will help: http://www.wildozark.com/herb-walks-presentations-in-northwest-arkansas/.

Coming in 2014

  • Guided herb walks at Boxley Valley, Withrow Springs and the Van Winkle Sinking Stream trails in northwest Arkansas.
  • More short stories, many set in the Ozarks
  • Plant Spirit Meditation Cards
  • Wild Ozark Herb slide-show presentations
  • Wild Ozark Herb slide-shows for your computer backgrounds
  • Monthly Cornerstone Posts – articles that go into more depth than an ordinary blog post and contain a downloadable PDF version of the article available to you at no cost.
  • Tips and How-To articles on sustainability and homesteading topics

Free Screensaver – Background

I’ve pulled 62 of my favorite slides from the “Wild Ozark Herbs” DVD and turned it into a screensaver. You may need the newer Windows versions for it to work for you, but it’s free to subscribers of my announcements list. To be kept abreast of new products, stories or appearances for presentations or signings, enter your email address in the form below. You won’t get blog posts or spam. You’ll only get a monthly notice of what’s new.

Click to join the mailing list: http://eepurl.com/B1veD

An Excerpt from Symbiosis

Here’s an example of how I have combined my photography of the Wild Ozark Herbs and my writing. This is an excerpt from my novel, Symbiosis. It may or may not end up in the final cut. The photo is an image from one of the slides in the “Wild Ozark Herbs” slide-show DVD.fantasy stories from Madison Woods


With a jolt, the barge ran aground. Ki and Jesse disembarked. While he helped the driver pull it onshore, she wandered to the brambles at the forest’s edge where the bushes were loaded with bright, sticky promises. But what did they promise?

Nothing since she’d left home had followed the logic she’d always taken for granted. She debated whether it was safe to eat the berries here or if the warning had applied only to certain foods of the world they’d just left. It might be best to wait for him to catch up. She sat in the cool shade and mulled over the story he’d begun telling her about the razing his father had carried out at the temple of her birth home.

He plopped down beside her.

“What was your father’s intention – to kill the tree?” She asked

He studied her a moment before answering.

“You. He wanted to kill you.”

19 thoughts on “Wild Ozark

  1. I will try to use the RSS feed for your new site-i simply suck at figuring out how to use such things-hope i can stay in touch thru wordpress if i cant figure out the other one!

  2. If you put your email addy into the box to subscribe, you should get an email whenever I make a post. Did you get the one this morning about Pinterest? I’m not so good at tech support but I can try :)

  3. Madison, can you explain to me what “pingbacks” are and how they are created and used. Im still a little foggy on RSS feeds as well. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

  4. “Pingbacks” appear in the comment section of a post when someone has linked to your blog. All it does is let the blog owner know a link was made to that post. Some people disable them because they don’t want them counted as comments. I leave them in because it offers a chance for my blog visitors to find the person who linked to me.

    RSS feeds are different. You have to enable feeds on your blog and then anyone can get your posts in a RSS reader (google, or iphone, or other apps offer readers). The blog owner doesn’t see this end of their blog unless they also subscribe to their own feeds. I usually use a reader to skim through all the blogs I follow (I follow a lot of blogs) because it only lists the post title and a brief excerpt, so it saves time finding the topics interesting to me at that moment.

    Hope that helps :)

  5. I would have answered sooner, but I haven’t been on the computer much the past week. I’ve learned slowly through trial and error… mostly error and figuring out how to fix whatever I messed up!

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